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Q: What happens in a NLF workout?

A: NLF training sessions are led by one of our world class trainers who are experts in how the body functions and moves. Our system includes TOTAL BODY STRENGTH AND FUNCTION and ENERGY SYSTEM DEVELOPMENT with corrective exercises to avoid injury and a relaxing cooldown. Offering encouragement and patience with innovative, full body workouts you will leave each session invigorated, challenged and ready to come back for more!

Q: How do you modify the workout if I am very out of shape?

A: No Problem! Our staff are not just coaches but Functional Movement Specialists. They have amazing insight into body mechanics and can assess your fitness level by observing your movement patterns. They will regress or progress your workout to suit your individual needs.

Q: Do you have contracts?

A: We believe in what we do and inspiring you to live a healthy lifestyle! In order to get the results you are looking for, a long-term commitment is needed for you to be successful.  We ask for a 6 and 12-month agreements depending on the program you choose (excludes our athlete and youth fitness programs). Results take time and long-term habits is the key to wellness.

Q: What’s the difference between you and Crossfit?

A: For us, our main focus is improving your quality of movement.  Mastering our basic movements will lay the groundwork for you. Then once we have seen improvement you will be progressed to the Next Level. Our system is not a “one size fits all” fitness program. No matter the program…everyone receives exclusive organization, guidance and direction in a safe and fun environment.

Q: Do you cover nutrition?

A: Yes.  Our “Keep It Simple” nutritional guidelines and menu examples will get you on the right track to eating smarter and healthier. We also hold events throughout the year solely focused on nutrition education.