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Our Team

Mark Hibbard


“I developed a love of sports and all things athletic at a young age. In my teens I started training in a local gym and was amazed at how the body can transform itself with consistent workouts and the right nutrition. At the time it was the “Golden Era of Bodybuilding”. In 1993 I decided to enter 3 teenage bodybuilding competitions and placed 1st in all of them. More than trophies, my big take away would be an ongoing passion for the study of fitness.

Before I knew it people were asking me for advice and I was more than happy to share my experience. I realized most individuals who go to the “gym” really need guidance and direction to train right. What better way was there to share my knowledge than to become a personal trainer? But that was only the beginning.

If I was to be the best trainer out there, I knew the ongoing study of the science of fitness would be crucial. For a time I was happy training clients out of several “big box” gyms, but soon I became frustrated to see the distorted and misleading philosophy of local gyms. I knew if people were to train smart they needed to get away from the ‘treadmills, bikes and stationary machines philosophy’.

The only way to change the way fitness was done was to start out on my own. In 2006 NLF began doing business with the idea to create an environment where people from all walks of life and fitness levels could get life changing results in a place they would call home.

Continuing to work on my craft and mentoring with the best fitness instructors and coaches in the nation has allowed me to help hundreds of people over the years. I’m still inspired and motivated by them when they tell me their lives have been changed and are living better because of my influence. The American dream…loving what you do and making a living too. It’s been a very gratifying journey and I enjoy every minute of it.”

Josh Huber

Fitness Coach

Josh graduated from Plymouth State University with a Bachelor of Science degree in Physical Education with a concentration in Exercise and Sport Physiology. After graduation he worked as Strength and Conditioning Coach for the Plymouth State University Wrestling Team. He moved to NJ in 2015 and was hired as Assistant Coach for the Brick Memorial Wrestling Team. The last two years he has been Assistant Coach for the Toms River North Wrestling Team.

Committed to excellence Josh brings motivation, high energy and a personable approach to each and every training session. His expert knowledge, attention to detail and commitment to his craft has enabled him to excel with both the general public as well as the sports conditioning population. His dedication to NLF and it’s philosophies has led him to becoming a world class fitness professional.

He thoroughly enjoys and cares about each individual he trains. They are sure to get the very best from Josh at each and every session. He works very hard on his own athleticism and performance as well. We know his passion and determination will take him a long way in the industry.


Danielle Gusk

Fitness Coach

Danielle has been a resident of Monmouth County nearly all her life. She is currently a sophomore at Brookdale Community College majoring in Health Science. Although this is the beginning of her career in fitness education, this is far from her first day in the gym. Danielle initially started working out because she, alike most people, felt unhealthy. That was almost 5 years ago. From there, it became a lifestyle change of daily workouts that have varied over the years from heavy weights to yoga. She understands there are many other components to a healthy lifestyle and enjoys relaying her firsthand knowledge of that to the NL family. She is eager to keep growing and learning.