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Three years ago I finally stopped fooling myself. I was training myself by going to large impersonal classes at local discount clubs and large but pricey clubs for the past 10 years. I spent a lot of money and time for very modest results. I also had numerous back injuries that plagued me. At the urging of my physical therapist, I found a gym with personal attention and a highly educated and dedicated staff of certified trainers. I chose Next Level Fitness and NLF is unlike any other gym in the Monmouth/ Ocean area. Under their care and training, I have made tremendous improvements in strength, balance, flexibility and weight loss. I now feel confident in my ability to move with agility and endurance. Thank you Mark, Josh and Nikki for guiding my improvement while making it fun. I trusted you and I have seen the pay off for me and for the people I train with.

It’s easier to train 3 times a week in a small class with friendly and supportive people. We look forward to the work out and thrive on the mutual philosophy “to build a better me”. The trainers adapt every exercise to match your ability level so there is a wonderful assortment of people in each class and a good selection of classes to fit your schedule. No excuses.

My physical therapist called me the “queen of compensation”. Other gyms allowed me to do exercises improperly, and I went on compensating, expertly. My healthy muscle groups got stronger and my weak groups got weaker, until I eventually got an injury. Then I’d be back to physical therapy and out of the gym for weeks. Now, at NLF, I don’t cheat, I was taught how to do each exercise perfectly and if I mess up I’m gently redirected by a watchful and knowledge trainer. I am also doing the correct exercises, not just “fashionable” ones. Now, I stand taller and I’m well balanced. What a difference, I feel great and everyone says that I look much better.

Next Level Fitness gets together with their clients for social events and I have made some wonderful new friends and have done some new things like stand up paddling. We are a little bit like family, but not in everyone’s business just very supportive.

Take the time to visit. Don’t waste years like I did. Exercise done properly is the best medicine and NLF is dedicated to your fitness like no other fitness center around.





Joining N.L.F has been a life changing experience for me. Losing 40 pounds was the beginning to my transformation. I have increased my stamina, flexibility, and mobility to a level I didn’t think I could achieve again. My energy level from sunrise to sunset has me feeling like a kid again!

Thanks to Mark Hibbard and his knowledgeable staff I know longer creak and crack when I bend over or get up in the morning. I am flattered by the comments, but it is so much more important, feeling like I have my youth back. When people use that old cliché, “its hell to get old” all I have to say is, “the hell with that”!!!

Thank You Mark Hibbard and N.L.F Staff




Before Next Level Fit I barely exercised at all. I also had bad eating habits and knew nothing about nutrition. In the past, I’ve tried going to the big box gyms but always felt too intimidated trying to figure out how to use the equipment.

When I joined Next Level Fit I was at my heaviest and was beginning to have health issues due to extra weight I was carrying around. I tried many fad diets but nothing stuck, and I always ended up gaining more weight after crash dieting. After coming in for my first session at Next Level Fit, Mark and his team changed the way I look at food and helped me learn how to eat for nutritional value versus eating primarily processed foods. Through Next Level Fit I’ve also learned how important exercise is for a healthy lifestyle. I went from knowing nothing about working out to being confident each time I step into the gym.

I have lost a total of 28lbs since joining Next Level Fit. I also feel much stronger, self-confident, and have so much more energy than I used to. I’m now more motivated to stay active even outside of the gym. I still have a long way to go to get where I want to be, but I’m confident with the guidance from the trainers at Next Level Fit I’ll be able to reach my goals. I can’t thank everyone over at Next Level Fit enough, they gave me the motivation I needed to change my lifestyle.

My advice to anyone considering making a lifestyle change would be to try Next Level Fit its worth it! Without the help of Mark and his team, I would probably be at the same place I started at- unhealthy and overweight. I actually look forward to each session because you know your getting a great workout each time and the results prove it. One of the things I love about Next Level Fit is that you see people of all ages and sizes here, but we’re all after the same thing to improve ourselves, and Mark and his team will help you do that. I promise that if you stick to Mark’s program you will see results before you know it!


I just celebrated the start of my third year at Next Level Fit and I feel great!  I was one of those people who joined a few “big box gyms” for some ridiculously low amount of money per month, went for awhile and soon lost interest. My daughter convinced me to go in and have a chat with Mark Hibbard, the owner, and I decided to give it a try.  I was completely out of shape and overweight but I had watched my daughter get stronger, leaner and fit since working with Mark.  I committed to attending class 3x per week, clean up my diet, and the results are phenomenal!  I haven’t felt this good in years!  You get what you pay for in this world, and it holds true here as well: semi-personal fitness sessions with a staff of knowledgeable, professional trainers who adjust the exercises to suit each person’s physical needs, nutritional advice/recipes and lots of motivational tips and messages . The clientele is a mix of interesting people of varying ages who often get together socially outside the gym. I feel like I finally found a gym that keeps me engaged, makes sure I am doing the exercises correctly so I don’t get hurt and makes me feel like a valued member. Several of my friends have joined  and I have so many new friends at Next Level Fit that I look forward to going to class! This is not your average gym. NLF is really something special!


I love next level fit! I’ve worked out at A LOT of different places and this has truly been the most challenging and rewarding. When I entered the last challenge it kept me accountable for my eating and workouts. I couldn’t wait to get my next workout in. I really felt supported by everyone in the group and that makes you want to succeed that much more ! It truly is like a family!


Prior to joining NLF I told myself I would get back into shape, but it was hard to do on my own. I joined the challenge with my best friend Lindsay and it completely changes my outlook about working out. The staff at NLF is extremely supportive and knowledgeable they showed me not only how important it is to give 100% in the gym, but how important it is to eat good food! Through my journey in the challenge I not only lost weight but became stronger, have more energy, and noticed my stability/mobility is improving each day! Join the revolution today!



After going to many gyms, I took the opportunity to try something different. I was lucky enough to find NEXT LEVEL FIT! I was so happy to follow my wife’s recommendation and saw what it did for her. I was interested in one of their “specials, “and the rest is history.

I noticed progress after the first couple of weeks, and I continue to get stronger. My breathing has improved with my asthma issues, and I am pleased with my increased endurance and overall fitness. The style of workouts always varies, so I am never bored. Mark and his well chosen staff are very motivating and knowledgeable. The atmosphere and other clients make it even more enjoyable due to the family-like environment.

I never thought that getting up early and heading to the gym would be such a pleasure! I totally recommend this style of fitness program, and notably NEXT LEVEL FIT!


Discard all those common notions of “working out,” and come explore NEXT Level Fit in Belmar, NJ! The decision to participate at NEXT Level Fit is the wisest choice I ever could have made. Their integrative, functional, and whole body approach to health and fitness has allowed me to develop mentally, as well as physically. Mark Hibbard and his staff are consistently offering encouragement and exhibit patience as they present innovative programs for the utmost of athletes, as well as for those of us who present special challenges. I have been fortunate enough to work consistently with the phenomenal trainer, Josh Huber, who provides ongoing motivation and expertise. He displays amazing insight and an ability to offer alternative movements/exercises when a modification is required. Nicci has become an added bonus! The workout environment is invigorating and fun while always being challenging for all levels of fitness. Every trainer there is extremely knowledgable, and they present programs which are perfect for anyone desiring to attain and surpass fitness goals. Fellow members are supportive, caring, and awesome workout partners. Cheryl and Angela are helpful and welcoming as extraordinary support staff. We are like one big, happy family! This unique and inspiring training center is outstanding in this world of ever-changing exercise facilities. I cannot recommend NEXT Level Fit enough to anyone wanting to enhance their quality of life while actually looking forward to “going to the gym.” It just gets better and better as I become stronger and increase fitness levels. You will see awesome results; furthermore, it is a most positive experience all around!


I am eternally grateful to the Next Level Fit Family for shoeing me not only a healthier way of living but also how amazing it feels to be a strong woman.


Next Level focuses on the individual rather than cramming a packed class to generate revenue. Every exercise is modified or regressed to ones specific needs. It’s a friendly positive environment for all levels! Mark Hibbard is a genius when it comes to fitness. If you’re looking for a safe way to get in shape and have fun reaching your goals Next Level Fitness is for you!!


Next Level Fit has helped me in so many areas of my life. I walked into the gym a year ago unhealthy,extremely overweight, with no fitness knowledge, and with a complete lack of confidence. The support from your whole staff and the encouragement from Stephani was completely unexpected.

Next Level Fit has helped me lose weight, gain strength, obtain knowledge and gain confidence & self esteem, in both fitness and in many other aspects of my life. Next Level Fit has provided me with all the tools I need to continue my journey and set forth in obtaining my fitness and weight loss goals.

Thank you Mark and the Next Level Fit staff for changing my life. I have a new sense of self-confidence, and I only want to strengthen it.  I am healthier and stronger, both physically and mentally, and I surely would not be where I am today without all of you.  I will forever be grateful. Thank you!


NLF has brought me a whole new understanding as well as level of fitness – what fitness is, how to achieve results and as also shown me that anything is possible with persistence and positive attitude.”

I started working out at NLF 3x/week beginning May 2013 and have continued consistently training 3-4x/week. I’ve had no injuries, tightness or discomfort since I started working out here. Before I never had the confidence to complete even so much as a 5K –now not only have I completed 5 races but can sled push 3x my body weight!

My original goals were to lose body fat and become stronger and leaner. I can honestly say I have never felt stronger or achieved this level of fitness before. My progress has exceeded my expectations with regard to what I am able to do now. Many of my friends and family have told me I have “never looked better” and also I am “suddenly looking so fit!

When I first came to NLF, Mark was able to tell that I recently had an injury from running when I tore my piriformis – as a result I could barely do a body squat. Having worked with Mark and the the other amazing staff members I can now squat more than I weight with good form! My confidence has increased along with my physical strength and endurance. I am much more willing to try new forms of physical exercise now that I am moving faster, performing better and with proper form.

I am proud of my commitment to NLF – it’s not easy after a 10 hour day sitting in class and labs to get excited about a tough workout – but the energy and the results you get at NLF keeps me coming back every week, 3-4x/week. Since I joined –NLF makes working out fun!